About BSCS Videoverse

Throughout our 60+ year history, BSCS Science Learning has had a mission to transform science education by conducting high-impact research, designing highly effective curriculum materials, and providing high quality professional learning opportunities for teachers.

We launched the BSCS Videoverse in 2020 to support preservice and inservice teacher learning by making our collection of science classroom videos available to a broad audience.

It is a platform designed for teacher educators, professional development leaders, district coaches, individual teachers, and researchers.

What You’ll Discover

In BSCS Videoverse, you will discover a growing collection of 2-20 minute video clips. These clips can be filtered by science discipline, science topic, grand band and level, activity focus, science and engineering practice, and crosscutting concept.

Many of these videos come with associated resources, including:

  • transcripts with content specific context
  • links to classroom ready interactives
  • lesson plans
  • student handouts
  • and other resources!

Why Video Resources Matter

High quality science classroom video resources can be a game changer for preservice and inservice teacher learning. They provide opportunities to notice student thinking, analyze teaching strategies, and develop deep understanding of complex classroom inquiry practices.

You may find these videos particularly useful as you support teachers in:

  • learning pedagogical strategies related to Next Generation Science.
  • deepening understanding of science content knowledge.
  • noticing key decision points in in-the-moment teaching.
  • focusing on student thinking.